Welcome to Radical Rubber...

Radical Rubber are specialist suppliers of latex sheeting specifically for fetish fashion. We offer high-quality latex in a full range of colours and thicknesses, and fast delivery, all at a considerably cheaper price than we expect you are paying at the moment.

Radical Rubber has been developed in association with Libidex Ltd - one of the leading names in fetish fashion - who have 15 years’ experience of the fetish fashion industry, and understand the needs of fashion designers and makers. We’re innovative and creative, and are already developing new colours and ideas in latex sheeting.

Latex is getting expensive. The world latex price is at an all-time high, and sheet latex for the garment industry has never been costlier. But we can offer a product that is at least as good - and in some respects better - than the latex you are already using, but at a significantly lower price.

How can we offer such good value?