Additional Products and Services

We aim to be a one-stop-shop for all your latex fashion manufacturing needs, and offer a range of additional products and services to complement our latex sheeting.

Polish, Glue and Cleaner

Radical Rubber manufactures its own polish, glue and cleaner for sheet latex.

We're now able to offer our customers a new latex glue - Radicalbond 2 - which is a white, latex-based adhesive which works extremely well with Radical Rubber sheeting.

Since the glue is latex rather than solvent based Radicalbond 2 is SUITABLE FOR EXPORT - so we are able to ship it to anywhere in the world!

Our polish, Radicalshine, is not only very effective in removing talc and marks on latex, but produces a wonderful long-lasting shine. We also sell an alternative polish RadicalShine Blue which some customers find easier to use.

We also manufacture thinners - RadicalCleaner - for cleaning seams prior to sticking; and our own glue RadicalBond, which provides excellent adhesion for Radical Rubber.

Trade Prices:500ml*5 litres
Radicalshine Polish£7.50£19.50
Radicalshine Blue Polish£11.50£39.90
RadicalCleaner Thinners£16.99
RadicalBond Glue£14.99
RadicalBond2 Glue£11.95£45.00
Note: Thinners and Glue are only available to buy at our Trade Counter at Radical Rubber, 3 Saint Albans Place, Islington, London Please refer to our Home Page for details.

Strips and Trim

We supply ready-cut strips and trim in a range of colours - saving you the time and trouble of making your own trim! Widths available will be 0.5cm, 0.7cm, 1.0cm and 2.0cm. To order please click here, and select the 'Trim' tab

Garment Labels & Logos

Your own customised logos and labels can be printed on latex rolls 15 cm wide and up to 30 metres in length, and can be printed one colour on a choice of coloured latex sheet. The minimum order is 30 metres. To order, please e-mail us your requirements. You will find details of prices and technical data by clicking here.

Latex Starter Kits

Like to learn how to make your own latex garments? Or like to do your garment repairs yourself? Or maybe you just want to know how to cut and stick latex for arts and crafts? Then our Latex Starter Kits are just the thing for you. Click here for more information.