Latex Colours and Thicknesses

To see our full range of colours and thicknesses with prices per square metre go to our colour chart and price list (Note that as we supply latex in rolls of 1 metre width, these prices are for a full square metre). Prices are quote exclusive of UK VAT (Sales Tax) which will be added at the prevailing rate to orders from non-Vat registered customers in the UK and the rest of the EU. VAT is not payable on orders from outside the EU.

As we are adding new colours to our range all the time, this list may be subject to change. Please call us for the latest version, or check the website. Sets of swatches of our most popular colours are available at £10.00 per set for EU countries, £15.00 for rest of world (including p&p).
To order one, please click here.

NOTE: There may be some variation in colour between batches. This is because latex is a natural substance, and factors such as the freshness of the liquid latex and the thickness of the sheeting can affect the final colour of the latex.

We aim to stock all colours and thicknesses, however we prioritise our the favourite colour range. For availability check items on our order page, alternatively please feel free to contact us

Radical Rubber is manufactured in metric thicknesses. The ‘Imperial’ equivalents (inches) are given in the table below.

*(metric gauges are slightly thicker than the equivalent Imperial gauge)

There is no minimum order, but for quantities less than 5 metres per colour, we make a surcharge of 50%.

Terms and Conditions

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