Technical Information

We have developed Radical Rubber sheet latex to the highest specifications, working with consultants and specialists in the latex industry. We wished to ensure that the product was at least as good as the latex you currently use, and in some respects even better.

Our latex has all the same characteristics as other latex sheeting on the market, but we have worked to tailor it specifically to the needs of the fashion industry. It has the same modulus (ie stretchiness) of other products, so you will not have to change your stretch allowance when making garments.

Our latex is supplied on full one metre wide rolls, suitable for most existing workbenches. The maximum length of any one sheet is 10 metres, but we can supply several sheets on the same roll up to any length you require.

Radical Rubber sheeting is available in metric thicknesses, 0.25mm, 0.40mm, 0.50mm, 0.60mm, 0.70mm and 0.80mm. Imperial equivalents are given on the price list.

We manufacture our latex with a glossy upside and a rough underside, like similar products. This provides a good key for sticking the latex and an attractive shiny finish, which can be polished using any suitable latex polish and silicone if desired. Radical Rubber reacts in exactly the same way to thinners as other latex sheeting, and can be glued using any normal latex adhesive. (NB we also produce our own latex glue and polish).


All Radical Rubber sheeting is leached to remove the substances which can cause allergic reactions. However, residual proteins and chemicals in natural latex may cause an allergic reaction in a very small number of people. If you are susceptible to allergies caused by latex, you are advised not to come into contact with this product.