Radical Rubber has been thoroughly tested, not just in the laboratory but also by makers and users of fetish clothing. We worked with a focus group of leading manufacturers and one or two of the people who wear rubber to make sure they were all happy with the product before we launched it on the market. Here are some of the things they've said about Radical Rubber:

"I have been very pleased with the fast service and high quality of the latex sheeting I have received from Radical Rubber. I love the new colours they are making, and I think they have brought good fashion sense to the latex clothing market. We have been using their latex for some months now, it is really popular with our customers, and we find itís good to use in our workshop. Radical Rubber are also easy to work with, and listen to new ideas and suggestions, and have a lot of exciting new ideas themselves. I think they are making a real difference to the latex fashion world and we wish Radical Rubber every success!"
Simon O, Vienna

"I just wanted to let you know after receiving my first order I was very pleased. After getting used to the slight difference from the other latex brand sheeting I was very pleased.Not only is the turn around time great but the color choices are outstanding. Most of our work at Vex is custom orders and it helps keep our turn around time shorter. Plus customer service and communication with you has been a breeze! Since we are in the US, order placing and importing was easy. Thank so much and I can't wait to try out all the new colors!"
Laura Petrielli-Pulice, Vex Clothing - Rockin Latex Couture

"It's not often one is asked to try to destroy a catsuit: nonetheless, the Radical Rubber team knew my reputation as a clumsy oaf and asked me to do my worst in trying out their new latex in a suit. For the last several months I have been as disrespectful, harsh, and cavalier with the suit as my conscience will permit. Despite my worst efforts and several visits to disreputable places for extended periods of time, I have failed in my mission to show them how damaged their new rubber can get when out "in the wild". The suit is as good as the day I got it, and sits alongside all my other existing rubber gear very nicely.
It's on that basis that I am happy to recommend their product: they would like me to say something about the wide range of colours but all I can think of is that baby-pink very probably won't be one I will be ordering, but that smoky translucent black is very kinky indeed."
"Doktor Gummi" - rubber connoisseur and aficionado

"Here at Atsuko Kudo we have already made and sold garments using the new latex sheeting from Radical Rubber. We have found that this latex sheeting has all the adherence qualities and finish expected when working at the highest level of design and manufacture. As a label offering products in this area of the market place we demand the best performance in all of our materials and can say that at this point we are very happy that Radical Rubber can provide this. We are also excited that Radical Rubber has introduced some radical new colours to the palette!"
Simon and Ako, Atsuko Kudo.

"When Simon called to tell us about his new company Radical Rubber I was impressed that finally someone had got it together to rival practically the only company in the world who manufacture latex for the clothing industry. So I was keen to see what they had come up with. What they gave us to try out was also impressive. Their rubber was of surprisingly good quality and a full metre wide, but what I really liked is their gauges are on the generous side, which is a definite plus for our type of menswear. The rubber isn't exactly the same as 4D, but it's just a case of getting used to a slightly different type of raw material. It's easy to work with and after 24 hours bonds very well. I tried it with different styles and even an inflatable item, with no problem. Their metallic colours are amazing! What's great about Radical Rubber is that it's been created by people who have a wealth of experience and passion for the Fetish Clothing industry, who know what problems or concerns we have, and are keen to produce a high quality and more reasonably priced product. Devote look forward to doing business with them!"
Nick Jones, Devote Clothing (formerly Production Manager at Regulation)

"Radical Rubber has worked hard to produce an exciting range of stimulating new fashion colours in latex sheeting, while maintaining the essential qualities and handle of the material we expect. Their timing is perfect, as the range of colours we have all been working with for the past decade have become overly familiar, and we have been stretched to find new and interesting ways of keeping them fresh. Radical Rubber's new Metallics are extremely pleasing, and the variety of colours overall is a real shot in the arm for the Rubber Fetish Designer scene."
Robin Archer, House of Harlot

"Hi Stephen, I just wanted to let you know that i m very pleased with the black catsuit you made me a few months ago. It's very good quality latex - does not stain easy and feels stronger, so will last longer."
customer of Steve Fuller, Bondinage.

"Now I'm a guy who likes his latex shiny and Radical Rubber is just that. The wonderful range of colours struck me first, especially the incredible metallics, but it goes deeper than that. Despite my very best efforts and some pretty hard clubbing, I've been unable to take the sheen off my new catsuit and it looks and feels just as good as the first day. Living with a Dominatrix means some pretty serious tests, but my Radical Rubber is every bit as strong as my older Libidex suits. Very impressive stuff!"
Pete Slutty - a serious latex user.

"As the exclusive rubber suppliers for the RoB Group, we have a definite brand image to uphold. We have been working with the test samples we recieved from Radical Rubber and have been extremely pleased with the quality of their product. The colours were even and also the sheet thicknesses to the edge of the roll making them much more economical to use than those from other suppliers. When glueing the rubber we found the bonding was definitely comparable to others, if not better when using our standard rubber cement. We were especially excited about the translucent grey and black!

It is great to finally have a high quality alternative in the marketplace, especially with the short lead times on orders."
Nick Lynch - SoMers Industries.

"I was asked to take part in a test group for Radical Rubber early this year and worked with samples they gave me. I was pleased with the quality of material and they way it handled whilst working with it.
I am very excited by their new colours - I placed a dress which I made from their metallic in the shop and it sold within days. I made a catsuit for one of my notoriously demanding customers who likes to wear his rubber a lot and treats it roughly, and he was very satisfied. In fact, there was even a panel of rubber in the suit from my present supplier, and he didn't seem
to notice the difference or make any mention of it!!"
Ana StClaire - Owner and Head Designer of Inner Sanctum.

"My company Brixham Manufacturing Ltd has been using the latex supplied by Radical Rubber on a 'test' basis. We have been very impressed with the quality and our manufacturing staff find it easy to work with. The range of colours is impressive and service to date has been excellent. This is a welcome addition to the market."
Tony Pithers, founder of and supplier to 'Expectations'